Sunday, September 21, 2014

Not All Coin Rings Are Quality Products

It is interesting to me when I see so many "wanna-be" coin ring makers attempting to peddle their initial products to the public. Seems just about every hobbyist that views the typical YouTube instructional video decides they will capitalize on the hobby by quickly hammering out a ring and selling it on eBay. Unfortunately, it is really not that simple to produce a quality piece of jewelry that will exhibit the true mark of an artistic craftsman.

Here is just one example (picture) of what I am talking about. The typical hobbyist, armed only with a plastic hammer, a ring mandrel and a flat file, can generally hammer the edges of a quarter over the tapered mandrel in a matter of a few minutes. Then they file some of the sharp corners with a rasp file and Presto! their ring is ready for the auction block on eBay. This is hardly the work of a true artistic craftsman; and it definitely shows.

Of all the many coin ring makers today, there are really only a very few artistic craftsmen that take pride in the time and effort that goes into each piece they create. In addition the recipient/customer can easily appreciate the work that resulted in a beautiful and elegant piece of handcrafted jewelry, and themselves are proud to wear and show it off.

Certainly, a handsomely crafted coin ring requires a wide range of hand tools; not just a hammer, a mandrel and a file. But more importantly, a quality crafted coin ring is really the culmination of a great deal of time and experience, not just a tool set. The time expended in order to hone artistic skills is usually measured in years, not minutes or days. Of course natural talent plays an important role in the development of any artistic endeavor. For me personally, my interest in expressing myself artistically started to emerge when I was in grade school. And, looking back over all the intervening years, the bulk of my endeavors centered around crafts and hobbies involving some form of artistic expression.

Each coin ring I produce involves a great deal of time and concentration because it must first satisfy my own high standards for quality, beauty and elegance. Only then am I confident that it will be representative as a coin ring crafted by me... Ross of Ross Coin Rings.

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