Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Not All Coin Rings Crafted the Same

When shopping for a beautiful custom made coin ring, be sure to evaluate and choose the coin ring craftsman with care. Not all coin rings are made the same. Some are hurriedly folded over a simple slanted side mandrel and end up looking more like a Cone-Ring than an elegant coin ring.
Essentially, the maker stopped the forming process before it was completed. Perhaps they were in a hurry to polish it up and get it sold.

It takes extra time, some special hand tools and a unique technique in order to actually create a coin ring that is not only eye-catching, but also a thing of beauty.
When you purchase a Ross Coin Ring, you can be sure you are getting a coin ring that reflects hours of artistic effort - not only in crafting each item, but also in perfecting an old-school technique that uses no short-cuts or automated machinery.

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