Friday, October 10, 2014

How To Make Double-Sided Coin Rings - #2

The entire basic concept of creating a double-sided coin ring revolves around starting with a flat object (a coin), and transforming it to a circular ring shaped object. The transformation will result in the features on one side of the coin to be visible on the outside of the ring band; while the features on the other side of the coin are visible on the inside of the ring.  Refer to the picture here as an example.

There are four basic steps to achieve this transformation from coin to ring. They are listed below:
  • Removing some metal from the center of the coin
  • Softening the metal (annealing)
  • Shaping or forming the metal
  • Finishing and polishing
Each of the four steps above, involve certain basic tools in order to complete the process.  The following list represents the minimum set of tools. It should be noted that although each coin ring craftsman start out with this minimum set of tools; as they gain experience, develop and refine their own techniques and methods, generally they will add other tools to suit their own needs.

The basic set of tools involve the following:
  • A metal punch or drill (or both)
  • Small propane torch
  • Small selection of metal files, ie. rat-tail, flat mill bastard
  • A nylon, leather or plastic hammer
  • A hardened steel tapered mandrel
  • Two or three different grits of sand paper and some steel wool
  • Metal polish and/or metal polishing cloth
In the next part of this instructional material, I will cover how these basic tools are used to create a coin ring.

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