Monday, October 6, 2014

How To Make Double-Sided Coin Rings - Intro

Making coin rings out of ordinary currency, be it US or foreign coinage, is becoming a very popular hobby. However, only a scant handful of all these fabricators could actually be considered artisan craftsmen (and women).

Probably you will not be able to completely learn this craft just by reading about it. Nevertheless, for those who really have no idea where to start - perhaps I can give you a good start by sharing some basic information.

This first posting is merely my introduction to the information I will be sharing. In order to keep these postings from becoming excessively long; I will try to cover only one facet of the process in each posting.  Stop back often to read all of the postings and thus gain the knowledge to get started making your own coin rings.  Each posting will have the phrase "How To Make Double-Sided Coin Rings" in the title.  That way you can keep track of what you have read, and recognize when I have added something new.

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